Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Love is like a flower

Love is like a flower arrangement.
if you're stringing it with beautiful, then love is beautiful.
because, if you're stringing it with the lack of beauty and became a circuit that is not tasty in the view.
so love is like a diselief.

Your love it...
Like the pose in the photo BOX.
Jefret... Jefret...
Glowing shockingand dizzying glare.

I would be good - fine,
if I do not cry.
I will be healthy only,
if I do not say " Do not leave me alone "

I wanted to cry.
Just a moment.
crying for lack of understanding.
crying because his attitude is still as before.
and crying because she did not want to cancel his departure.
Despite years of living with me.
Still can not understand me.

When I complained.
complain to ?
If I wanted to cry.
crying with whom ?

You're nothing more than a companion.
And just companion.
No more...
I just shut up and wait.
And continued thoughtfully.
there was no power and the power to be able  to continue to hold you.
There was only pain and sore heart piercing.

As the blue Sky, I want to be happy.
with you today,
and after tomorrow,
and so on.
Not so good.

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